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Live streaming needs to be live. Unfortunately, many streaming solutions still depend on outdated CDN-based infrastructure which cannot support real-time latency video streaming at scale. Rather than rehashing an inadequate CDN, learn how we have completely reengineered live streaming infrastructure to deliver real-time, scalable, multi-way live streaming with an Experience Delivery Network (XDN).
This February 9th and 10th, we are holding an XDN Summit to uncover how industry leaders are creating the future of live-streaming. Join companies like Microsoft, AWS, Xilinx, Verizon, and others and learn about new, innovative use cases with dedicated panels in IoT/Monitoring, Sports, Virtual Events, and 5G technology.  Learn how XDN is unlocking the full potential in these high-profile growth segments.

This February 9th and 10th, join us at the first XDN Summit (for FREE) and uncover how industry leaders are creating the future of live-streaming. 

Don’t just deliver content, live-stream experiences with the Experience Delivery Network (XDN). Do better than CDNs. Deliver live-stream experiences with XDN. 

Attend our keynote sessions with leaders on the topics of:


IoT/Live Monitoring

Feb 10th, 1-1:45 P.M. EST


Alex Davies, Rethink Research


David St. Claire,  Flir Systems
Chris Allen, Red5 Pro
Sam Recine, Matrox

Effective surveillance relies on dependable performance and real-time feedback. Live streaming video with drones, IP cameras, or other IoT devices has greatly expanded the functional capabilities of command and control systems, emergency response teams, traffic monitoring, and other sensitive applications. Learn how XDN is unlocking the full potential of real-time monitoring.  


Feb 9th 3:15 - 4 P.M. EST


Mike Downey, Microsoft


Andrew Heimbold, Singular
Bruce Zeiper, Southworks
Marc Todd, Skreens
Darren Lepke, Verizon

Many viewing platforms currently suffer from high latency creating the risk of a fan watching in real-time spoiling scores, or cheating with sports betting. XDN technology is unlocking new user experiences, leveraging real-time streaming to create full interactivity to millions of concurrent viewers. From virtualizing a typical fan experience, like watch parties with specific friends, or a fan wall, to increased video production with user-selected camera angles and interactive graphic overlays, understand how XDN expands what’s possible.   

Virtual Events

Feb 9th 1 - 1:45 P.M. EST


Thomas Flanagan, Rethink Research


Sean Gardner, Xilinx
Al Sene, Digital Ocean
Ari Evans, Maestro
Scott Addison Clay, Eventuall

We all know the impact that the pandemic has had on live events such as concerts and theatre performances. XDN technology replicates and in some ways improves on these events bringing fans back to virtual performance halls and concert venues. Fully recreating the electric environment of a live audience requires replicating the interaction between fan and performer through new features such as fan walls, stadium replications, and full two-way engagement.  See what’s possible with the new world of virtual events with XDN.   


Feb 10th 3:15 - 4 P.M. EST


Alex Davies, Rethink Research


Andrew Heimbold, Singular
Trent Collie, Microsoft
Chris Allen, Red5 Pro
Jonathan Hoggard, On Air Systems

5G networks continue to unlock the full potential of real-time video streaming. Trends in video-centric social activity, immersive entertainment, live events, remote learning, virtual reality gaming, and much else have made network support for real-time experiences a crucial next step in moving the live streaming industry forward. Discover how combining 5G infrastructure with cloud-based XDN delivery further streamlines the delivery of live streams.

Hear from our inspiring line-up of speakers from leading brands and agencies:

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